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Winter Festival Planning Meeting

After many months of ‘silence’, Fulbourn Arts is now keen to plan some events and performances – being mindful of current, and possible future restrictions.  We know that many of you will have spent time at home in creative or craft-based activities of all types, and that it would be great to share these with others in the community.

We would also like to take this opportunity to revitalise Fulbourn Arts, with new ideas for events, attracting new members to support these events, and if interested to join a small committee to facilitate these community projects.

With this in mind, the existing members would like to extend an invitation to attend:

General Meeting

in The Townley Memorial Hall

on 11th September 2020 at 6 pm

where anyone who would like to bring their ideas or would like to get involved will be welcome. We will need to adhere to regulations on the number of attendees – so if you are interested in coming, send us your email address and we will provide you with more details!

There are several ideas to explore, but our focus at the moment is a

Fulbourn Winter Festival

to take place on

Saturday 28th November 2020

Events (which will be distance-compliant) will include

  • Lanterns and masks procession(s) linking the open spaces in the village
  • Music and performances throughout the route
  • Garden displays with a Christmas theme
  • Food and drinks along the route
  • Lockdown arts and crafts show
  • Lighting the village for Christmas

We are hoping to enlist the help of volunteers to join our core teams of organisers for this Festival – and contributors to any of the events. All ideas welcomed!

We look forward to you joining us on 11th September 2020 to help take our plans forward.

Due to Covid – if you plan to come, let us know in advance. Email:fulbournarts@gmail.com and also let us know if you’re interested but can’t come on the 11th.

About eliotkingsley

Retired technology exec living with my wife in a very vibrant and friendly village just outside Cambridge.

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Fulbourn Arts is a group set up to organise and promote arts events in the village of Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK. New members of the group are always welcome, as well as additional volunteers we can call on to help manage events.

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