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Community Art

Friends of Fulbourn Hospital Millennium Art Project

The Friends of Fulbourn Hospital are a group of people who support sufferers from mental illness, who are or who have been associated with Fulbourn Hospital. They aim to increase the understanding of mental illness and the needs and problems of patients, and their carers, amongst people outside the Hospital.

The Millennium Art Project set up by The Friends’ has been running a range of highly successful arts workshops. Using pottery, textiles, mosaic, music, dance, story-telling, landscape design and gardening. Artists-in-residence have worked with clients in hospital and the community, supported by a group of dedicated volunteers.

The workshops have been an effective way to make connections with patients, “One patient, hospitalised for over 20 years, rarely seen to smile and showing little interest in any other activity, became ‘involved heart and soul’ with the story-telling sessions.”…

See The Friends of Fulbourn Hospital website www.fofhc.org.uk
and www.artsandminds.org.uk for more information.

The Tree of Life mosaic made by patients of Fulbourn Hospital

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Fulbourn Arts is a group set up to organise and promote arts events in the village of Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK. New members of the group are always welcome, as well as additional volunteers we can call on to help manage events.

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