Fulbourn Arts

Arts events in Fulbourn Cambridgeshire

Open Studios Past

Daniela Stief – CeramicistSlab-built and coiled stoneware: sculptures, some hanging and making beautiful sounds, vases, plates, tiles etc. Textured and variously decorated.



Anna Tun – Sculptor
Fresh realistic sculptures of beautiful people, captured in clay and ennobled in bronze.
Email: anna@tun.co.uk
Website: www.tun.co.uk/anna

Rebecca Tun – Photographer
Rebecca Imogen Tun Fashionart and Lifeart Photography – portraiture about style, unreality, charisma and reality, and probably some other things too.
Email: rebecca@tun.co.uk Website: www.tun.co.uk/rebecca
Edward Munn – Drawing and illustration
OneLinerImages are drawn with a continuous, single line regularly indented to represent the structure of living cells and environmental interactions. pattyward.munn@ntlworld.com
Nindi Dhaliwal – Jewellery Silver and gold jewellery fused with semi-precious
beads and stones reflecting hope, love and faith. Refreshments. (Great Wilbraham)
 Clarissa_CochranClarissa Cochran – Painter Pictures and wallhangings.
Scarves in indigo-dyed shibori, (Japanese style resist dyeing). Chiffons to shimmering velvets.
Woodcuts and cyanotype cards.
Malcolm Munro – Painter
Works displayed show every acrylic technique imaginable, and range from key works, whose price reflects their importance to me, to competitively priced landscape studies.
Richard Bray – Sculptor
New work in native and foreign hardwoods, concerned with perception, line of sight and volume. Natural and introduced forms.
George Jackson – Sculptor “I carve in various different stones. Animals, birds, people. The stone giving me the inspiration.www.cambridgesculptors.co.uk
Andrea Glieber – Sculptor Tracing the clear form inside the stone, playing with lines and edges. Delicate shapes to create living forms.
Chris Marvell – Sculptor
 Figures, animals and birds in bronze.
Richard Sell – LithographerRichard Sell, lithography, watercolour, drawing – figurative work with an emphasis on sound draughtsmanship.
bonnieBonnie Kemske  Ceramic tactillity…
 elaine   Elaine Pamphilon – Painter
 Ideas from a windswept Cornish coast. www.elainepamphilon.com

   George Hamilton – Painter

Still Life, landscapes and portraits in oil.

Cambridge SculptorsStone and clay brought to life in exciting forms by this diverse group of nine sculptors who have studied with Esther Joseph.
Serena Smith – Painter, Printmaker“The gap between image and lived experience is the space in which both dreams and ideas are created” Lucy Lippard.

Deanna Tyson – Painter, sculptor of textiles
The Human Condition – Kimono & Kitsch. Figurative painting involving textiles; textiles involving portrait painting; drawings involving stitch & more….>>>
Email: deanna@deanna-tyson.com
Website: www.deanna-tyson.com
Studio open by invitation
Commissions takenTuition given – read more >>>n_oc
Nuala O’Connor – PaintingTrees, landscapes, flowers. Inspired by effects of light and shadows…(Great Wilbraham).

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Fulbourn Arts is a group set up to organise and promote arts events in the village of Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK. New members of the group are always welcome, as well as additional volunteers we can call on to help manage events.

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