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Our next Theatre / Musical event is the fantastic Illria Theatre Company (www.illyrria.co.uk) performing THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE in the beautiful garden of Fulbourn Manor on 3rd July 2022. Its a summertime ‘bring your own picnic and chairs event’ with the garden open from 4:30pm and the performance starting at 6:30pm. Please book in advance as on the door tickets will only be offered if there is still capacity in the garden.

Tickets via the Illria website. Adults £18.00, Children £12.00 and Family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children £50. All tickets subject to a small booking fee.

The award winning outdoor theatre company Illyria is celebrating its 30th birthday. They are restaging their fantastic production of Pirates of Penzance to mark this incredible milestone. Pirates of Penzance is the first Gilbert and Sullivan show Illyria ever performed. It promises a unique blend of hilarious melodrama, sharp satire, and glittering wit. The Pirates of Penzance is a much loved classic musical packed with memorable songs. It is over 100 years old yet as fresh today as it ever was. Join Illria and enjoy summer entertainment in the great outdoors in Fulbourn Manor gardens!

On 10th April the amazing theatre company The Keeper’s Daughter (www.keepsdaughter.com) is performed their H.G. Wells inspired show for all the family entitled ‘The Time Machine‘, adapted and directed by Mark Finbow.

Utilising spoken word, puppetry and a fully working Time Machine, The Keeper’s Daughter transform this classic Victorian sci-fi into a neon-electro adventure for the entire family.

The plot is that an eccentric Victorian inventor travels into the planet’s distant future, where he discovers an idyllic garden-Earth and quickly bonds with the peaceful inhabitants. But when, in the still of night, his Time Machine disappears the traveller is forced to confront the true fate of humanity’s future and must overcome a subterranean horror in a desperate escape back to his own time.

‘Out of the Darkness’ (Ghost Stories II *) – directed, told and sung by Richard Spaul, the acclaimed performer and storyteller – took place in Townley Memorial Hall on 15th Jan.

Following the success of Richard Spaul’s solo performances of classic literary ghost stories at the ancient Leper Chapel, Cambridge, Fulbourn Arts was delighted to be hosting Richard in the Townley Memorial Hall. Richard is bringing us his latest performance (premiered in October 2021 as ‘Ghost Stories II’* as a sequel to ‘Ghost Stories’) featuring two remarkable stories from two remarkable writers.

In ‘Bewitched’, Edith Wharton takes us into a bleak world of isolated farms , snow-covered fields and frozen ponds that reflects the lives and minds of the people who live there.

Mrs Routledge has caught her husband cheating on her. She has seen her husband meeting in secret with his former sweetheart, Ora Brand. Problem. But it’s a bigger problem than you might think. Because Ora Brand is dead.

Edith Wharton is a spellbinder and ‘Bewitched’ is a fascinating and superlatively creepy story of illicit love in a loveless world.

In ‘A Kink in Space Time’ by H. Russell Wakefield, a distinguished physicist is suffering a terrible psychotic breakdown. He hears giggling voices and bells ringing. He’s been very ill. He’s convalescing in a quiet village. He thinks he’s getting better.

But one evening a man runs past him covered in river slime. He knows he knows him but who is he? What’s his significance? Why can’t he stop thinking about him? An obsessive quest follows to track down this man and find out his identity. A quest that leads to madness and death.

Uncanny, nail-biting stuff from a remarkable writer who was enormously popular in his time but unjustly neglected since. ‘A Kink in Space Time’ explores the link between mental illness and the paranormal with great intelligence, insight and compassion.

Read more about this production here on his website.


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