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The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band at the Six Bells (Friday 4th June 2010)

“The boys played an explosive set of well known rock & blues songs to an enthusiastic audience.

The old classics : “Brown Sugar”, “Sweet Home Alabama” & “Substitute” went down a storm. It was also good to hear that the band made a donation of £100 to Fulbourn Primary School, from the entrance money received.

We all look forward to the band’s next gig at The Six Bells’ Beer Festival on Friday 3rd September”. – By Julie Brooker

“I went to The Rubber Band gig last week and was really impressed! They played all the classics such as All Right Now and Tiger Feet and had the place really buzzing. Highly recommended!!!” –  Sally 

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3 comments on “The Rubber Band

  1. Andrew
    June 16,

    A great night out – the band played some good old rock numbers that brought back memories of my youth !! A good solid performance played with a bit of “edge”. We will be at the band’s next Gig – Andrew

  2. Johnny Clark
    July 8,

    I thought the bass player was particularly handsome. I suspect he has a rock history as he certainly knows how to thump that bass. I’m going to try and make the September gig. Should be a blast!
    – Johnny Clark

  3. Jon
    July 22,

    An enjoyable and entertaining night out. I thought that the band played a good mix of new & old rock songs. When forming the band, they must have spent along time auditioning, to get musicians who are all the same height !! (look at the photo).
    “Rock on” The Rubber Band !! – Jon.

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