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Giant Mosiac for Thomas Road Fulbourn.

Artist Andy Tanser and best selling author Anna Nielsen have created a giant multicoloured stone mosiac  for the play area at Thomas road. Local families attending workshops contributed design ideas that illustrate different kinds of journeys in and around Fulbourn. 


Artist Andrew Tanser, has been appointed to work on the public art element of the regeneration of the Windmill estate. 

 In 2010 we are looking to install 3 items of Public Art in the new main central green area of the Swifts: 

1) Human sundial – By standing on the correct month of year, your shadow casts the correct time
2) Wave bench – a fluid sculptural bench
3) The Fulbourn Life (Granite) Wall – approx. 3m long / 2m high / 0.15m thick – Artwork and text to be grit blasted into the granite surface. 

The Fulbourn Life Wall project needs your help. 

For the The Fulbourn Life Wall we intend to create a Village ‘life wall’ with notable events, people and structures etched into the granite surface for existing and future generations to take an interest and pride in.  To make this yours we would really appreciate as much help as possible from you, the residents of the village, with the themes, artwork, text, information and ideas for the granite wall. 

Initial ideas for the ‘life wall’ include:
History, timeline of key events, buildings e.g. windmill, memories, population numbers, maps old to new, natural history e.g. swifts and hare’s, recreation, work / industry, farming e.g. sheep, ploughing, horses, wheat, mice etc., famous people, the old meeting tree, every day objects such as a wine glass, planes, umbrella, car etc. 

We are hoping to have the finalised artwork ready and approved by mid-July to allow for production and installation by October this year. We really want to capture and have a real sense of the village summarised in the artwork and text on the stone so we need your help, no matter how young or old. 

To view the first rough ideas and sketches and then the revised versions every month as the ideas develop visit:
1) Community House, Accent Nene Ltd Offices / Windmill Residents Committee, 4 Dunmowe Way, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5HW. Opening times: Weds 9am-1pm & Thurs 1pm-3pm
2) Townley Hall / Parish Council Office notice board
3) Library notice board 

Please write your comments to one side of the drawings in the space provided. 

Or email Andy@andrewtanser.com with ideas, comments, suggestions and drawings. 

Or post to The Fulbourn Life Wall Project, Accent Nene Ltd Offices, 4 Dunmowe Way, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5HW.

Here further developed drawings for the granite wall – please click images to enlarge:

Swifts Fulbourn Granite Front Wall

Front Wall


Granite Wall Back


Updates will follow…

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