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Fulbourn Winter Festival

The Fulbourn Winter Festival 2020 on 28th Nov 2020 was a GREAT SUCCESS ! On the opening weekend, the village looked livelier than it had for weeks, with people out and about – very responsibly distanced – looking at an amazing display of lit houses and gardens. Over the following couple of weeks, many more homes lit up – and the resulting effect was really festive at a time when so much festivity was denied us! It cemented our decision to make the Winter Festival a recurring event – one where we will hopefully be able to bring you more of what had been planned for 2020.

So – put Sunday December 5th 2021 in your diary.

Unfortunately our Open Meeting at 7:30pm on 22nd June 2021 in Townley Memorial Hall to start the planning for this year’s festival had to be cancelled. Sincere apologies for not announcing the cancellation more widely. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a new date for the planning meeting when the current restrictions on the use of the Hall are lifted.

We need your help and involvement in coming up with ideas for this year’s Festival and helping with organising it. Last year we had planned to close Manor Walk for Food stallsCraft Stalls and Live Music Performances and we also planned to have a ‘Masks & Lanterns’ Parade through the village and an Art Exhibition.

Our next planning meeting will be on 9th Sept at 7:00pm in the Six Bells Function room. Some ideas have already been discussed .. we need more. Write to fulbournarts@gmail.com if you’re interested in being involved. We need help not only with stalls (food and crafts) but also with the logistics of setting it all up (stages, tents, lighting etc.).


Whilst the Lantern Walk didn’t go ahead as planned last year, there is nothing to stop you making lanterns anyway. For some suggestions on how you or your children can make the decorative lanterns, watch this short video HERE (kindly produced for the Festival by Deanna and Clare).

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