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Fulbourn Winter Festival


Add them to a shared Google Photos album here https://bit.ly/fulbournlights.We want to see all your fabulous pictures posted there!

Here below is the latest MAP – slide 1, and ADDRESSES – slide 2. There are actually more houses lit up than are shown on the map but the general areas to go and walk around are all still accurate.

To print the map:

You can download and print a PDF version of the map HERE. Remember to select ‘Landscape’ in ‘Orientation’ on the printer menu, then click on ‘Print’.or …..

Click on the map image above, then click the ‘back’ arrow in your browser, then click on the map image again (it’ll appear much bigger this time and without WordPress advertising), and then click ‘File’ (top left of your browser) and then click ‘Print’. Select ‘Landscape’ in ‘Orientation’ when the printer menu appears, then ‘Print’. Do the same for the second image with all the addresses.

The 28th Nov was just the start of Fulbourn’s ‘Festival of Xmas Lights’ for all of us to enjoy throughout December!


Whilst the Lantern Walk can’t go ahead as a planned event, there is nothing to stop you making lanterns anyway, displaying them in your windows as part of ‘Festival of Light’, or indeed taking them with you on your exercise walk.

For some suggestions on how you or your children can make the decorative lanterns, watch this short video HERE (kindly produced for the Festival by Deanna and Clare).


We are still planning on compiling a book of ‘writing during lockdown’ . You are invited to submit your stories, letters, poems, songs, emails, eulogies, raps, sermons, diaries, articles – in fact anything you wrote during lockdown.

To submit something you’ve written please contact fulbournarts@gmail.com by the beginning of December 2020.

Due to the November 2020 lockdown and the following Tier 2 restrictions, the Winter Festival Committee decided to postpone the Festival until some time in 2021 when conditions allow it to go ahead.

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Fulbourn Arts is a group set up to organise and promote arts events in the village of Fulbourn, Cambridge, UK. New members of the group are always welcome, as well as additional volunteers we can call on to help manage events.

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